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ArkA! has successfully realised different workshops in China, inspiring kids between the ages of 4-12 gathered, design, cook and create.

We believe our cities can be better by inspiring and empowering the next generation of thinkers and city makers - kids.

By participating in our engaging hands-on programmes, kids develop an understanding of the role we can all play in shaping the world around us to have better communities and a more sustainable future with inclusive, resilient and creative cities.

For every group of children, there is a workbench and one real architect, inspiring and supervising the kids following that day’s theme. The imagination of the children is stimulated by a slideshow reflecting the day’s topic. Architects and volunteers work together annually to make these workshops a success.



Do you want to book one of our workshops or join us as a volunteer?
The committee keeps track of the volunteers and assures there are enough helping hands.


Discovering kids' soul!

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We live in a world where things are designed and made by adults. In their creation, they tend to think more about how to improve the lives of adults.

One big mistake is to think that we need to do everything for the children, thus restricting them from doing even simple tasks like turning on lights and opening doors.

What if we let the children be free to develop their abilities by themselves?

That is why in ArkA, we make everything fit for both adults and children.