Olivia Bova Method
Olivia Bova Method
Creative Intelligence on the Move (CIM)

Dance with your senses and express your universe with your creativity.

Educational Design

Design the educational space that allows children to dance, express, and connect them in a harmonious coexistence between human beings, nature, healthy, and spiritual life.

Global Educational
Design Renovation Consulting

Transform your learning space with the approach of creative intelligence on the move - Montessori, Reggio, and Nature approach.

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Creative Intelligence
on the Move (CIM)


Children are all endowed with a series of characteristics, skills and opportunities. Those that stand out above the others is what we call Talent. When the child joins, discovers his/her talent, his/her passion and that changes everything.

Children have a responsibility to discover what they are good at and what we love to do. By achieving it they will be able to self-fulfill and from that self-realization they will be prepared to contribute to creating a better society.

Give the child the pleasure of working with the joy and the desire to learn in prepared environment. Give the child the desire to discover himself/herself, by his/her own decisions, his/her own experiences. Give the child the space it deserves. Give the child the child instead.

The Creative Intelligence on the Move (CIM) reveals how to intelligently stimulate the creative imagination of the child by physically and/or mentally movement to awaken his/her interest, and reach the common goal of working together.

Olivia Bova

I am a passionate, innovative, and forward-thinking educator who is able to collaboratively create a culture for transforming international education.

I love to draw, write and I believe that I will publish soon my first Children’s Book with my method approach. My name is Olivia Bova. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts - Emphasis Dance & Drama, Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology, and Human Resources Talents Management. Diploma in Early Childhood International Montessori Association (AMI).

I am specialized in Social Emotional Learning and Expressive Therapy. I have over 15 years of experience in Educational and Learning environments: IB, Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori, International, Bilingual, Special Needs; Teaching experience; Expert in Social Emotional Learning; and Worldwide professional experiences.


I love to communicate and interact with people. I'm a very communicative, creative, passionate, and dynamic woman. I always find a positive solution in each situation. I have a taste for Innovation, especially in Education.

I am unquestionably passionate about creation, design, education, and children. My attitude reflects the level of insightfulness and attention to detail that people said that it is unique in me. I’m a very creative and positive person.

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