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MUKKA conquered San Francisco

Space must inspire kids to make their own decisions and encourages them to be more independent; Homely details in windows, kitchens and bathrooms are all designed with children dimensions.

We used natural materials with a neutral colour palette to create a peaceful environment where children are able to learn and play freely and happily.

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for kids' future

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Year: 2017
Area: 8000 m²
Location: Beijing, China


Year: 2018
Area: 6048 m²
Location: Shenzhen, China


Year: 2020
Area: 466 m²
Location: Beijing, China


Year: 2018
Area: 265 m²
Location: Beijing, China


Year: 2018
Area: 3810 m²
Location: Shenzhen, China


Year: 2019
Area: 8884 m²
Location: Shenzhen, China


Year: 2018
Area: 2015 m²
Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China

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"It's about the kids’ needs, understanding the ages range gives us the direction of our project. Behind all our schools is a company, in one side we must combine the kids’ needs to the clients’ needs, sometimes we also need to step back from our own opinion because we also need to be open to accept the opinion of the school that we’re working with."



CEO and Principal Designer

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